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Philosophy of history

Most of my academic career has been devoted to philosophy of history: analysing and discussing patterns of historical reasoning which yield the descriptions, interpretations and explanations of historical events and changes.

These aspects of historical writing generally have a much more rational basis than is generally acknowledged. I explain this and illustrate the point from historical writing, in the hope of increasing public and professional respect for professional history.

Please see the list of my publications, for details of the books and articles I have published in this field.

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Thoughts about the Christian faith

At its best, I think a Christian life is a very good one. But there are several elements of traditional Christian doctrine that seem unreasonable and in need of reform if intelligent people are to take it seriously.

I here present a credible account of some Christian beliefs under the following headings: Credible Christianity, Apologetics, and Sermons.

Reforming Christianity to Save the World

Western culture has become so distorted by a culture of selfish individualism, that we have forgotten the value of helping others as well as ourselves. Traditional respect for each individual, and for the planet we inhabit, needs to be revived and defended. I have elaborated these thoughts in a piecemeal way in the past, and have now decided to bring my critique of Christianity together in a single work.

As topics of this project are written, they will be posted under this heading.