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Credible Christianity

Christian beliefs are of immense value, both to individuals, to society and to nature. They result in a wisdom and altruism that is of benefit to all. That is why I hope more and more people will accept them.

Some people will not accept them because they do not want to be altruistic. But many others have the good of all at heart. They are true humanitarians, but will not seek the blessings of God because they cannot accept the truth of Christian beliefs.

There are two major reasons people have for refusing to believe Christian ideas. First, they often seem to be inconsistent with indisputable facts about the world. For instance, Christians proclaim that God has the power to create everything, and loves every human being he has made; but he lets millions suffer and die from natural calamities: diseases, famines, and floods for example. No loving father who could protect his children from such horrors would allow them to suffer them. So how can we believe that God loves everyone he has made? And as for Christianity helping to make people altruistic, the number of Christians who have harmed their neighbours rather than love them is limitless!

The second problem people have with Christian ideas is that they are often inconsistent, indeed contradictory. For instance Christians say that God forgives people their sins, but they also say that one day he will judge everbody and punish the unbelievers by sending them to hell. They say he forgives people because he loves them, but punishes the wicked because he is just. But these are contradictory ideas. What is one to believe? Then again they say that there is one God, but that he is three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. How is this contradiction to be resolved?

I have reflected upon problems such as these for some time, and have tried to resolve them without denying the really valuable parts of Christian faith. I cannot prove the truth of Christian ideas, but at least I can remove many of the intellectual impediments to belief, and draw attention to the really valuable consequences of holding them.

The papers that are provided below are all intended to contribute to Credible Christianity.